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Responsive Web design

Isn't your website user friendly with devices from your smart phones to PC?, you risk in losing traffic, visitors and totally your business? Dexterity Solution is a Responsive Web Designing Company , pioneers in developing responsive designs that are user friendly for all devices. We have professional full time user interface designer who offers optimal viewing experience through wide range of devices like PC, tablet, smart phone and laptop

Why Our Responsive Web Design Company

We not just offer our responsive services to build a new website but also can help existing website responsive. Our team of creative designers is well versed in latest technologies and use new tools to create a responsive website that is more accessible, flexible and attractive to the end users. Our designers use grid, based on fluid percentages that helps to adapt to size without breaking your website

Benefits of Responsive Design

Google promotes responsive design sites since it has one URL and same HTML which makes Google easier and efficient to crawl the website, index and rank your website higher. Else Google have to index multiple versions for the same site. Also it helps in managing your SEO strategy easily. Responsive designing for a website initially might be expensive but once the design is created only one update have to be done when you make changes to your site that makes cost effective in long run

Why Dexterity Solution Responsive Design Service, India

Dexterity Solution Responsive Design firm, offers better service than their competitors

To ensure that your website meets individual needs we do thorough process of building and testing a completelycustomized system to ensure every risk is covered.

Our web products are designed in variety of browsers including IE8 +, iOS, Android 2+, Windows Phone 7, Firefox,Safari, and Google Chrome.

We use fluid grid system to help adapt website to any browser without sacrificing their looks and work.

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Responsive Design

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