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Taobao/Tmall/Kohls Clone Script

$599 $299

Easybook / Busonlineticket / Busbd Clone Script

Our Bus Reservation Script benefits both the users and the bus owners/agents. The user account page enables you to view all transaction details, registration, login, cancellation, refund status, etc. The Busonlineticket Clone Script suits for the bus owners and entrepreneurs who can launch the site to make other bus agents and owners to list in their website.

For the bus booking agent: Advanced Bus Booking Script can use this website as means to get commission by sale of ticket. They can set their own price for the tickets. Separate login panel enables them to know number of seats sold; they can add bus photos, videos, and destinations. Refund policy can be set an each vendor and they can add their own rules and regulations.

For the admin side: Being the site owner gives you entire control over the website including a clear dashboard with a graphical view to understand the overall sales details, agent details. The admin can manage settings for city, route, and service provider; add countless number of agents, commission details as well as the promotional codes.

Franchise Model: Busonlineticket Script are pioneers in the market to develop this special and highest advantage feature. This franchise model feature permits users to set up their franchise at any place. It is controlled by the site admin. The franchise can deposit the money, book the tickets, cancel the tickets as well as view the commission details. Site admin will have complete control over franchise and have clear view about the sale of tickets, cancellations and commission details. Thus, it is beneficial as well as convenient to all.

We know that getting your website to the users is necessary; hence we have made our Easybook Clone Script and Busbd Script to be SEO-friendly by optimizing it with Google standards which makes your site come on top of the search results, thereby increasing your sites ranking and get more organic search results through the visitors from the search engines directly.

There are various revenue models that have been integrated with this Easybook Script such as banner advertisements, Google AdSense, admin can set the commission rates for the bus agents.


Revenue Generation: Revenue will come from banner ads and the set commission percentage for sale of tickets.

Social Media Login: Advanced Bus Booking Script supports social media integration so that user can directly login from the social media sites in order to save time spend on new registration.

Email & SMS Notification: This product has advanced feature of sending notification of the transaction details of the tickets through both email and SMS to the customers as well as admin.

SEO friendly: You do not have to spend huge amount for Search Engine Optimization since Bus Booking Script is SEO friendly and allows new agents automatically listed.

Payment Gateway: PayPal and 2Checkout are the default payment gateways and we can also customize as per your requirement.

Security: We understand that everyday million dollar transactions take place; hence we have developed our code with high security coding style and separate and clear codes for transfer of information through payment gateway, email and SMS.

Performance: The code is developed by open source technology and we have optimized the code in order to deliver high performance. It supports million of users at the same time. Also, the large number of agents can be added through admin.

User-Friendly: Owing to our long experience in the industry, we understand the product that needs to be user friendly, thus both the admin can easily manage the website as well as the user can easily use the website without much technical knowledge about.

Go Next Now: Once you buy the Advanced Bus Booking Script, your website will online within the next 24 hours!

Advanced features:

User view:

1.Search option

  • Source
  • Destination
  • Date of journey.
  • Type of journey.

2.Advanced search

  • Travels
  • Bus type.
  • Luxury item.
  • Boarding point.
  • Dropping point.
  • Book a ticket.
  • Bus/seat selection.
  • Passengers’ details.
  • Summary of detail.
  • Ticket confirmation mail.

3.Print SMS/email ticket.


5.Check refund status.

6.Share via social media.

Bus admin view:

1.My profile

  • View and manage profile details.

2.Passengers’ management

  • View and manage the passengers’ detail.
  • Search by ticket no, travel date, user type and place.

3.Booking details

  • View and manage booking details.
  • Search by ticket no, travel date, user type and place.

4.Commission management

  • View the commission details.

5.Ticket booking

  • Manage ticket booking.
  • Search by journey date and detail.

6.Tickets management

  • View and manage the ticket details.
  • Search by ticket no, travel date and place.

7.Cancelled tickets.

  • Manage cancelled ticket detail.
  • Search by ticket number, travel date and place.

8.Direct cancel ticket

  • Cancel the ticket by entering ticket number and mail id.

9.Refund status

  • Check the refund amount of the ticket amount by entering ticket number and mail id.

10.Payment management

  • View and manage payment detail.

Master franchise view:

1.My profile

  • View and manage profile detail.

2.Service partner management

  • Add and manage service partner.
  • Search by type and status.

3.Commission management

  • Manage commission detail.

4.Payment management

  • View and manage deposit details.
  • Search by date and keyword.

Admin view:

1.City management.

  • Add and manage city.
  • Search for city.

2.Route management.

  • Add source and destination.

3.Service provider.

  • Add and manage service provider.
  • Search for a service provider.

4.Master franchise.

  • Add and manage master franchise.
  • Search for a master franchise.

5.Master franchise deposit request.

  • View deposit detail.
  • Search for deposit request.

6.Service partners.

  • Add and manage service partners.
  • Search for a service partners.

7.Service partner deposit request.

  • View deposit detail.
  • Search for deposit request.

8.User management.

  • Add and manage user details.
  • Search for user by type, gender, user type and status.

9.Passengers’ management.

  • Add and manage passenger details.
  • Search for passenger by type, gender, user type, travel date and place.

10.Bus type management.

  • Add and manage bus type.

11.Blocking management.

  • Add and manage blocked seat details.
  • Search by date.

12.Promotional code.

  • Add and manage promotional code.

13.Coupon code.

  • Add and manage coupon code.
  • Search by bus type, status and destination.

14.Ticket management.

  • Manage ticket booking.
  • Search by journey date and detail.

15.Booking details.

  • Manage booking detail.
  • Search by provider name, ticket number travel date, user type and place.

16.Tickets management.

  • Manage ticket detail.
  • Search by ticket number, travel date and place.

17.Cancelled tickets.

  • Manage cancelled ticket detail.
  • Search by ticket number, travel date and place.

18.Cancellation policies.

  • Add and manage cancellation policies.

19.Payment management.

  • View and manage payment details.

20.Banner ads.

  • Add and manage banner ad details.

21.General settings.

  • View and manage the site settings.

22.CMS pages.

  • View and manage the CMS content.

23.Home prepared locations.

  • Add and manage gallery.

24.Luxury item.

  • Add and manage luxury item.
  • Search for a luxury item.

25.Bulksms management.

  • Manage the bulk sms.

26.SMS management.

  • Manage sms details.

27.Email management.

  • Manage the mail details.

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